Southern Air.

It has been quite a while since I have last posted on my blog. Half of me feels as though I have abandoned an old friend, but the larger, stronger half of me recalls the day I started this blog. On that day, I promised myself this:

Now as I paged through this ancient diary with terrible handwriting, I noticed something else. There were large gaps where I would stop (for one reason or another, or maybe no reason) writing and then pick up a month or a several months, or at points, a year or more later. This is also life. And also beautiful. At times, it sucks you in and you haven’t any time for recording. I suspect this will happen as well on this blog. And I am excited for that too.

So, I the past few months have absolutely sucked me in and left me with very little time for recording. Without further ado…

In June, Ryley and I took a beautiful 5 day trip to Charleston, SC. We were there for my cousin’s wedding (which was amazing!), but decided to extend the trip by a few days to enjoy the historic downtown, the beautiful beaches, and lovely southern air. These pics are from our first day exploring downtown- I was looking for a comfy yet chic look that could go from morning shopping, to oceanside brunch, to crab/seafood extravaganza dinner!

IMG_9390 IMG_9381IMG_9391 IMG_9375IMG_9378IMG_9379IMG_9383IMG_9380IMG_9384IMG_9388IMG_9387IMG_9389IMG_9394 IMG_9396 IMG_9401 IMG_9405 IMG_9408 IMG_9421 IMG_9425IMG_9440

Summer Stripes and Wedges.

Summer is almost here, my loves!! 🙂 I can smell it in the air when I wake up each morning, I can see it when the stars shine brightly each night, and I can feel it in school with the kids! With summer comes GREAT outfits! Fashion is in it’s prime as far as I’m concerned! This outfit is a summer go-to for me- it consists of basic, essential pieces! In fact, you probably have most of these items in some form in your closet right now! Basic black shorts. A striped crop top (mine has some really pretty flowery detailing on the bottom). A pair of summer wedges. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

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Sole Society IMG_9029IMG_9028IMG_9027IMG_9031 IMG_9037 IMG_9032IMG_9039IMG_9040IMG_9042IMG_9033IMG_9038IMG_9041IMG_9035IMG_9043
    Striped Crop Top (only $7) Similar Crop Top in florals -Black Shorts (only $11)– Similar Wedges (closed toe) in black Peep-Toe Wedges

T.Shirt Dress and Sneakers.

This MIGHT be the cutest outfit I have seen in a long time! And did I mention COMFY!! So I never would have thought this look would suit me, being the girly girl that I am, but it turns out it is so flowy and fun that I can’t resist! Even a girly girl loves a cute pair of bright yellow sperry sneakers! And you could pair it with so many different scarves that it quickly becomes an all seasons look! I am SO OBSESSED with this one! And did I mention the dress was under $10! A total steal!

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IMG_9059IMG_9063IMG_9064IMG_9058IMG_9065IMG_9060IMG_9062IMG_9066 IMG_9067 IMG_9069 IMG_9070

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-Sperry Sneakers in teal–

-Sperry Sneakers in pink–

-Sperry Sneakers in navy–

Knit Shirt Dress (shorter- nicer quality)

T-Shirt Dress- Heather Grey (slightly longer) 

T-Shirt Dress- Heather Grey (thinner)–

Yellow Lightweight Scarf Wrap With Colorful Floral Print

Floral Infinity Scarf in neutrals

Anthropologie (FR)

Gimmicks Jewelry by BKE

shoes 300x250

The Jeans Every Girl Needs.

Saturday was absolutely lovely! What a great way to go into Memorial Day weekend! We spent the day relaxing at home on the deck and playing with our puppy! After a nice walk, we came home and went straight back to the deck… which reminded me that I needed to make a post to tell all of you about THESE jeans! They are so comfortable, light weight, and cutesy! They are a light wash with destroyed knees and a nice loose fit! Perfect for summer lounging- which I intend to do A LOT of this year! I just paired with a simple powder blue tank and a belt for a really laid back look! You MUST get a pair of these to have a complete wardrobe for those summer nights that are just around the corner!



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Jeans Destroyed– similar
Shredded Boyfriend – slightly lighter pair
Lace Trim Tank-similar powder blue tank (with lace embellishments)
Buckle Belt-similar belt



Tulips and a Flowy Dress.

This might be one of my favorite posts I’ve ever done!!! Tulips + This Dress + Gorgeous Sun = What More Is There? Today was an absolutely beautiful day filled with sunshine and a light breeze! Nothing feels better on a day like this than a dress that you can twirl in! This beautiful green dress was under $30 and is an absolute stunner! It would be gorgeous for almost any occasion! It looks beautiful with neutral and blush accessories! Lately, I have been mildly obsessed with gold accessories and this post is chock full of my precious gold, gold, gold! You HAVE to see this one!

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IMG_9100IMG_9128IMG_9107 IMG_9114IMG_9124IMG_9121IMG_9127IMG_9109IMG_9098 IMG_9125IMG_9101IMG_9102IMG_9105IMG_9108IMG_9110IMG_9111IMG_9096IMG_9112IMG_9099

We had SOOO much fun shooting this one! Photos are by my loving husband!

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Similar Necklace

Similar Sandal (Gold!!)

Similar Dress in Off White

Similar Dress in Black

Similar Dress in Neutral Peach/Pink

Similar Bracelet

Similar Bracelet (clear stones)

Similar Beach Hat

Similar Beach Hat (in black)

Longing for Lace.

Reminiscing about the beautiful summer weather… Should be here soon!!! This is a post I wrote about 9 months ago when I first started my blog. Longing for lace today! Shared on Peeled Wellness!!!


This past year in April, Ryley and my spring break schedules didn’t line up so Ryley took a personal day to spend time with me during my break. Aweee… Anyway, there was snow on the ground but we were both itching for sun and spring, so we ventured off to find a nature park near our new house! We stumbled across this beautiful park just a few blocks away which was breathtaking even with all the yucky snow! They even had a small mini-golf area with a big Snoopy (see below!!!) ! We knew we HAD to go back once it got nice! During this time of year, I love a comfy, chic tank with lots of romantic detail. I also ADORE all white! Nothing like a romantic lace tank to make you feel like a lady! You just CAN”T go wrong with lace and all white this time of year!! So feminine and elegant! I decided to pair this tank with a nice big shoulder bag with a beautiful texture since another school year is about to start back up and I just know I will need a nice big bag! And the loafers I picked here are feminine and girly and look great with the brown bag!
















All photos were taken by my loving husband! This amazing CLOSET STAPLE- the lacy tank is from Express. White jeans are from The Loft. The shoes are from Marshalls (old- similar here at Forever 21 for only 16.80- what a steal!). Bag is from The Limited (old- similar here in a beautiful caramel brown!)

Paint Brush Inspired Dress.

A new trend seems to have emerged as of late- a popular female (or male) bonding night consists of painting and wine! I personally love the concept! In fact, my loving sister planned such an event for me and the other lovely ladies in my wedding party about a year ago! It was an absolutely FANTASTIC experience! I mean, wine, paint, friends, laughs… what more is there?! So this dress totally brought back some nostalgic feelings from that experience because I think the pattern looks like brush strokes! So what did I do? I paired this gorgeous black and white classic with a pop of fuchsia color for spring! Don’t mind the wind! It was a crazzzzy wind shoot!!!

IMG_9090IMG_9078IMG_9073IMG_9087IMG_9089IMG_9085IMG_9092IMG_9091IMG_9088IMG_9086Similar Dress // Michael Kors Sandals // Gold Watch // Similar Bright Handbag 

One Blouse, Two Looks.

So I found this great blouse at H&M and just couldn’t pass it up! As soon as I saw it, my mind began to race with different stylings! I could see it with boyfriend jeans and the perfect pump. Or I could see it as a swimsuit cover up with beach waves and a bright pop of finger nail polish. Or I could see it with some grunge black jeans and cheetah print accessories! As soon as I visualized the cheetah print, I could not put this one back on the rack! Then I saw the headband and I was DONE FOR! It was going home! And the best part- this versatile piece was under $30! It has a loose, cozy fit for an effortless look on a windy weekend! Look #1: Girls look Oh-So-SWEET in Headbands! For both looks, I kept all the same basics (shirt, pants, shoes, handbag). But I switched out the accessories! For this one, I chose a flirty headband and some sweet feminine pearl earrings. I rolled the sleeves loosely, and tucked in one side of the blouse in the front! The handbag is my favorite “everyday” Michael Kors bag. Paired with a pair of my favorite Toms wedges (these might be the most comfy shoes I own BTW)! And they support a great cause! IMG_9054IMG_9051IMG_9056IMG_9055IMG_9053IMG_9050IMG_9052IMG_9057   Look #2: ALWAYS say YES to Cheetah Print! For this second casual, cozy look I picked out a rich, deep cheetah print scarf with gold embellishments, a Michael Kors handbag (because who doesn’t need a little more Michael Kors in their life?!) and of course a cheery cherry lip gloss! Roll the sleeves casually for a slouchy relaxed look! IMG_9048IMG_9049IMG_9046IMG_9047IMG_9045 H&M Blouse // Michael Kors Handbag // Toms Wedges // Similar Scarf // Similar Black Pants // H & M Headband

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Spring Blooms.

I might be a little on the early side with my spring floral post, but the fact that the groundhog bit the mayor this year makes me think that he might not be quite as credible as everyone seems to think- I mean who decided that a rodent should be the one who gets to predict when spring comes anyway?! I am getting my house ready now in hopes of an early spring! Here are the blooms that I am putting in my house this spring to brighten things up!

1. All White!

I LOVE how fresh and bright these lovely whites are! They go great on a coffee table, in a kitchen, or even on a nightstand! Very versatile! And it even has fake water in the bottom so it is totally puppy or childproof! It was made with what I can only assume is a white peony. But this same style would be absolutely lovely with white tulips (probably my next addition!).

IMG_8734 IMG_8732IMG_8735 IMG_8733

2. Fresh Blush Tones!

This is an arrangement I made from florals at Ben Franklin’s. I basically picked a color theme (pinks!) and went into the store and picked out a bunch of flowers with different sizes and textures. When I got home, I picked at them for a bit to get them into an arrangement I liked (I used a triangle pattern with the blush colored roses). I popped them into an oversized mason jar and vwa-la- Super simple and romantic!IMG_8751IMG_8741

3 . Brights!

Spring wouldn’t be spring without some bright pops of color! I adore these fuschia peonies because they are so large that you really only need to buy 4 or 5 (depending on your vase size) to fill a vase. Very economical and will bring that bright pop to any room! Goes great on a desk or other small table! And it would look dashing with yellow tulips or sunflowers if you are not a pink person!



All photos were taken by me!

The Spring Trench Coat.

I live in Wi, so I have to knock on something wooden in order to actually say this without bringing on another snow blizzard, but I think spring just might be here, for real! After a long winter, most wisconsinites are relieved to finally feel the warmth of the sun on our faces again. But weather is still quite inconsistent. This means that to head out for a long walk, we may have to endure some strong winds, or a damp experience. Ryley and I love to take advantage of this time of year for dinner and walk dates. Our fav is to head over for some mexican cuisine at Fiesta Cancun (downtown Oconomowoc), and then since we are right there, we will bring our walking shoes and walk around the lake as the sun sets. This is how we spend many a friday night. And this week was no different!

While the spring sun felt great, there was a brisk wind, so I find a spring trench coat to be the perfect layer! It will keep you guarded from the winds, but still looking stylish so you can head to dinner and still be outside afterward. I am absolutely CONVINCED that the trench coat is a closet staple. It looks great with a light weight scarf and some slightly distressed jeans for an effortless natural look. I wouldn’t be caught in any other spring jacket!

IMG_8872IMG_8907IMG_8874IMG_8894IMG_8909IMG_8883IMG_8881IMG_8904IMG_8877IMG_8885IMG_8884IMG_8903IMG_8896IMG_8890IMG_8902IMG_8908IMG_8932 IMG_8937