Sweet Lace and a Lil’ Bling to Ring in the New Year.

This was our first New Year’s Eve as a married couple and I must say, we definitely lived up to the married couple cliche as we brought on the new year! Our evening was filled with family, pizza, a cozy fireplace, and of course several Red Box rentals! To be honest, there is nothing I would rather do on New Year’s Eve than sit in my own living room and cuddle up to comfort food and movies (and of course my sweetie!). Some call it lame, I call it content.

But no matter what you consider a great way to ring in the new year, we all like to look a little pretty, so here’s what I would wear! This adorable lace top is soooo sweet and romantic. It breaks the navy and black fashion rules, but it feels SO RIGHT! And because it’s New Year’s Eve, you have to add in some bling- why not this AMAZING necklace from the Loft! I paired it with simple dark wash jeans and my favorite pair of black patent leather pumps! Goes great with my favorite glass of red wine and it’s perfect for whatever your plans are!
















The dark wash jeans with the zipper pockets are from The Loft, as is this romantic lace tank, and the romantic necklace! The black patent leather pumps are from Ann Taylor. This wine can be purchased at most Pick n’ Save stores.

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