Fur Vest and Stripes.

This winter has been particularly brutal, even for a Wi winter. The last week has been -25 degree wind chills for 5 days straight. Why do I live here again? Oh right- so I can wear FUR vests!! On Saturday, we FINALLY got a day above zero so we just HAD to sneek out for some quick pics by Oconomowoc Lake. It was actually very serene with a group of young kids playing hockey on the ice and people inside Roots Cafe sipping their cozy beverages by the warm fireplaces. And- a major bonus- my lil’ sis was home for the weekend to partake in the photoshoot fun! This fur vest is sure to keep you warm this time of year, and of course, looking chic! I paired it with simple black pants, boots, and one of my go-to striped shirts (this one is particularly soft from Banana Republic). These fur vests have actually been in style for about 2-3 years now, so this cozy piece has quickly become a winter closet staple! And don’t forget- a statement necklace with some color goes a long way to spruce up winter grays!

IMG_8099 IMG_8096IMG_8093IMG_8098IMG_8081IMG_8090IMG_8100 IMG_8094IMG_8092IMG_8095IMG_8097IMG_8101

All photos were taken by my loving husband! Yes, he got major points for taking crazy me and my sis out in the cold! The black pants and the handbag are from New York and Company. The soft striped shirt is from Banana Republic. The fur vest is from The Limited. The dainty ring (totally necessary!) is from Francesca’s. The orange necklace is a Lia Sophia necklace that I got ages ago, but any bright necklace works great with grays and blacks!

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