I have always believed that women are most beautiful when they are closest to their natural state. I am certainly not implying that we should all roll out of bed and show up at work. And on your wedding day, please don’t go without some mascara to really accentuate those beautiful eyes! Having worked my way through college by being a beauty consultant at Ulta, I can honestly say that I have tried A LOT of products. There are some that will hide almost anything. And there are some that, even when applied in appropriate amounts, will NEVER look natural. So, over time, I have been continuously seeking out the products that will most NATURALLY bring out beauty. So if you are seeking a  natural look for your wedding day, or simply looking for everyday products, here are my tried and true! Happy powdering ladies!

1. Bare Minerals Blush. This blush goes on oh-so softly with my urban decay blush brush. I always choose a variety of colors so that I can change my color as my skin tone lightens in winter and deepens in summer. It blends beautifully with most skin tones and is very natural in appearance. Colors are as follows: frisky (top left), blush pearl (bottom left), and the last is a dual palette of joyous jennifer and sorbet (middle right). 

2. Urban Decay’s NAKED Skin Beauty Balm. I use this INSTEAD OF a foundation or concealer. I use it as both. Sometimes I just need a dab to cover an uneven skin spot, and sometimes I use it on my whole face as a soft, natural, very light coverage foundation. It does have SPF 20 for beautiful skin that will last as you age!IMG_8245

3. Crabtree and Evelyn. For the world’s softest hands ever! And it smells so good! I love Avocado olive and basil, but there are many fragrances.

4. Urban Decay Naked 3 Eye Shadow Palette. These beautiful neutral tones are PERFECT. I will never buy another palette. There isn’t a single color that I would need other than these gorgeous natural tones. A little pricey, but totally worth the splurge!

5. Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray. This is for a light natural hold. This stuff will not stiffen your hair or hold it through a blizzard. It is meant to give your hair some natural lift and volume and to make your hair look beautiful as it blows in the breeze.

6. Mary Kay Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturizer. I got SOO hooked on this stuff because my mom sells Mary Kay, but it is incredible. My face is so soft and well nourished! I use the combination to oily, but I don’t really have oily skin. I also use the Mary Kay Timewise Age-Fighting cleanser each morning and night to keep my skin clear.IMG_8253

7. Essie Polish. This is the color Fiji and it looks so chic on fingers or toes! Sooo pretty and feminine. It is a very natural color because it is so light and can be used for any event! Looks beautiful for spring and summer weddings, or on your toes as they plunge into white sand on spring break!IMG_8259

8. L’oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. This stuff is $8 at walmart and works better than ANY big brand I have tried (and I have tried most!). I usually use two coats because this stuff is made to lengthen your lashes, so after the first coat dries, smooth on a second coat to really see some added length!


9. Hemps Body Lotion. All I can say is that healthy soft skin goes a long way! This stuff smells incredible. I put it on my entire body every morning and my skin is noticeably softer. I couldn’t go a day without this in my morning routine.

All products posted above are items that I use regularly and have for some time now. Please remember that everyone has unique skin and you should be cautious when trying new products until you know how your body and skin reacts. Remember- be-U-atiful!

What are some of your favorite products?  Leave a comment so we can share the wealth! 🙂

5 thoughts on “bea.U.tiful.

  1. Hey Tal! Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. After reading about the products you like I tried out the L’oreal mascara and I LOVE it! Keep up the great work on your blog and I would love to hear more about the products you use, especially for skin care. Hope all is well!


    1. Hi Lisa!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! It is good to hear from you- we should get together and catch up sometime! Glad you love the mascara- I think it is as good as any big brand mascara but for 1/3 of the price!


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