and. go.

I think if a random stranger would have approached me 10 years ago to tell me that someday I would start a blog, I probably would have laughed. In fact, I laugh now as I write my first post. Why, you may ask? Well, not because a blog is all that funny but because I do not consider myself a writer, or a photographer, or a creator of inspiration in any form of accepted media. I am an ordinary girl. I live in a beautiful world. And this blog is a way to remind others, and myself most days, of the beauty in ordinary things. What is ordinary. You decide.

I can remember when I was a little girl. Maybe 2nd grade. It was my birthday and I had all my friends over for a quaint party in my parents living room. With my much-too-long bangs, and my way-too-big glasses, I can recall sitting in a circle of friends and family as my mother snapped an endless amount of pictures of me opening a gift from my grandmother. She always seemed to get me something weird (the only other option was money), so since I was unwrapping something, I was expecting something weird. Much to my surprise, when I peeled back the delicate wrappings, I found myself holding my very first diary. Why would I be making a blog? Well, I feel a blog is really no different than a diary- just a little more modern. A few years ago, I moved out of my parents’ house and into a tiny one-bedroom apartment with my now husband.In the process of the move, I cleaned out all the plastic storage totes that my mom had been saving in the basement for me for years. I happened upon that diary. When I opened it up, and began reading the entries, I was shocked at what I found.

Insignificance. Or what would appear as insignificance. That is what I found. My entries were about things as insignificant as going to schlotzsky’s deli for lunch with my mom. Or feeling the tickle of my gerbil in my hands. Or my sister building the best barbie castle ever. As a child, these were clearly worthy of taking the time to write a diary entry about. These simple insignificant things were significant. When I reflect back now, I realize the wisdom that I have lost as I have grown. When I was young, I knew that simple daily events were what made life beautiful. I never want to lose sight of that. So why a blog? To remind myself of the beauty of simple. The beauty of an ordinary day.

Now as I paged through this ancient diary with terrible handwriting, I noticed something else. There were large gaps where I would stop (for one reason or another, or maybe no reason) writing and then pick up a month or a several months, or at points, a year or more later. This is also life. And also beautiful. At times, it sucks you in and you haven’t any time for recording. I suspect this will happen as well on this blog. And I am excited for that too.

What will I make my blog about- the question of the day! Well, everything of course! I like to try new things, and most of them I am not good at, but it is the thrill of trying to learn and grow at something new that I am after. I believe in trying new things- even if that means a lot of failure. Whether that be creative (like my calligraphy, photography, painting, etc.) or writing (like this very blog), or education (my master’s degree), physical (the marathon I already ran and the one I am currently training for) or anything else more minor or less minor, I believe in life-long learning and exploration. I believe in laughing too hard. I believe in being ridiculous. I believe in stomping in puddles. I believe in being “weird” (by whatever definition). I believe in eating indulgent food. I believe in trying to live a happy life. I believe in the power of love and a family. I believe in being oneself. I believe in finding something beautiful and trying to capture it. But most of all, I believe in the power of love. I believe in living life to try to feel adored, to make others feel adored, and to adore the world around you (hence the name of the blog). These are all things I never want to lose sight of and that I hope to portray through this blog.