The Unexpected Photos Are My Fav.

If there is one thing I have learned in my short time dabbling in photography, it is that the best shots come along at random. At times I drag my camera along with me and find absolutely nothing worth shooting, but other times, it just so happens that I catch a hidden jem. Sometimes, the most insignificant picture, that most people may have never lifted their camera for, turns out to be one of my absolute favs! In fact, I would say there are many pictures that I have taken that make me smile simply because they are so quirky and unexpectedly beautiful. Here is a small collection of those moments from the past 6 months or so. The next time you think about leaving your camera at home- remember to expect the unexpected!

IMG_3355IMG_3921IMG_3960IMG_4211IMG_5381IMG_4394IMG_6393IMG_4542IMG_8602IMG_8617IMG_3422IMG_3457IMG_6386IMG_3486IMG_3616IMG_3659IMG_3670IMG_3686IMG_5904IMG_8663IMG_3824IMG_3834IMG_8655IMG_3426IMG_5980IMG_8426IMG_3846IMG_6498IMG_8662 IMG_8673

The Simple Things. Peonies and Ranunculus.

When I started this blog, several months ago, I committed myself to writing about the things I love. However simple or seemingly insignificant. It is easy to get sucked into the drawl of life at times. This post is inspired by one of those moments that happened recently that really snapped me out of it. I had just gotten home from work and it was a longggg week. I was rambling on about some story about something that felt important at the time. Ryley had dinner on the stove and I was rambling and getting things ready for dinner; multi-tasking per usual. Picking up odds and ends off our island, getting plates out, etc. I had my hands full of plates, cups, silverware and I continued to ramble as I turned around to head for the table when I saw them. Delicate, natural, and beautiful. My loving husband had purchased flowers for me. And not just any flowers from the pick n save florist- these were the most special flowers. These are my favorite flowers; the ones that I had hand selected for our wedding day. I was so taken aback by this kind gesture that for days I touched them, smelled them, and photographed them. So today I leave you with this; sometimes it’s the simple things.




The photos are taken by my loving husband (and some by me too), who is also the one that got me these lovely flowers! The sweet pink shirt is from Anthropology. The necklace is from Forever 21. Jeans are from The Loft. The pink loafers are Steve Maddens.

Oh Happy Valentine! Pink and Polka Dots.

It’s usually about a 50-50 shot when you ask someone whether they enjoy Valentine’s day. But if more people looked at it as a chance to celebrate all things “sweet” such as love, chocolate, the tender curiosity of a child, an hour of quality time with your sister in pj’s watching chick flicks, etc., more people might join the movement. Or maybe it is just a good excuse for a chic outfit! Whether you hate or love the Hallmark holiday that is before us, embrace your feminine side with this sweetie polka-dot blouse! Date or No Date- this girly polka dot outfit is for everyone! Can be dressed down to wear doing errands with a simple pair of slacks, or dress it up with these girly peep-toe pink heels!

IMG_8337 IMG_8334IMG_8357IMG_8349IMG_8343IMG_8335IMG_8331IMG_8350IMG_8340IMG_8351IMG_8342IMG_8348IMG_8354

The photos you see here are taken by the lovely man with whom I plan to spend my Valentine’s day this year and every year after!

This feminine polka dot blouse is from The Loft (watch for a 40% off sale and it will be a steal!). The blush handbag is from The Limited. The pink peep-toe heels are from Macy’s (they are old- not sure what brand). Belt is from Forever 21. Skirt is from H&M. Watch is from The Buckle. The calligraphy in the sunburst frame is done by me and the frame is from Ben Franklin Crafts.

Never Forget Your Honeymoon.

When my hubby and I were planning our honeymoon to Puerto Rico, we new that we were about to have a once in a lifetime experience. Similar to the wedding day itself, we also knew that the honeymoon would fly by quicker than we could imagine. We wanted a way to forever remember the love and romance that came with our honeymoon experience in Humacao, PR. I decided that photos were a great way to achieve this. But after what we paid for our wedding, there was no way we could afford to hire a photographer to follow us around for the trip, or even an hour of the trip. So I bought a $15 tripod on amazon, set it up in the sand and we had our own early morning beach honeymoon shoot! And the results are dreamy and intensely romantic!!!






All photos are taken by me and my tripod! No photographer necessary! Contact me with any questions!! Where did you and your sweetie go on your honeymoon?! 

Love is in the Air.

This is the time of year when most Wisconsin-ites begin to get a little crazy. The cold, the wind, the snow… uhg, the ice scraping and the shoveling. Miserable. Every year this time, I ponder of why I actually continue to live here. All it would take is to pack up our things and we could settle somewhere where we would see the sun for more than 5 months out of the year.

But if there is one thing that the cold does do for us, well, it brings us closer to the ones we love! Cozy fireplaces and cuddling under thick knitted blankies, comfort food galore, and of course, some good movie/couch time! So, when all else in the world seems to be frozen over, grab a glass of wine and get cuddled up with the ones you love. So here’s to you babe!

Talia and Ryley FILM 150 Talia and Ryley FILM 215Talia and Ryley FILM 220Talia and Ryley-282 Talia and Ryley-340Talia and Ryley-337

Talia and Ryley-380 Talia and Ryley-381Our beautiful wedding photos are taken by Emily Steffen. She is amazing!! Check her out here!

Fur Vest and Stripes.

This winter has been particularly brutal, even for a Wi winter. The last week has been -25 degree wind chills for 5 days straight. Why do I live here again? Oh right- so I can wear FUR vests!! On Saturday, we FINALLY got a day above zero so we just HAD to sneek out for some quick pics by Oconomowoc Lake. It was actually very serene with a group of young kids playing hockey on the ice and people inside Roots Cafe sipping their cozy beverages by the warm fireplaces. And- a major bonus- my lil’ sis was home for the weekend to partake in the photoshoot fun! This fur vest is sure to keep you warm this time of year, and of course, looking chic! I paired it with simple black pants, boots, and one of my go-to striped shirts (this one is particularly soft from Banana Republic). These fur vests have actually been in style for about 2-3 years now, so this cozy piece has quickly become a winter closet staple! And don’t forget- a statement necklace with some color goes a long way to spruce up winter grays!

IMG_8099 IMG_8096IMG_8093IMG_8098IMG_8081IMG_8090IMG_8100 IMG_8094IMG_8092IMG_8095IMG_8097IMG_8101

All photos were taken by my loving husband! Yes, he got major points for taking crazy me and my sis out in the cold! The black pants and the handbag are from New York and Company. The soft striped shirt is from Banana Republic. The fur vest is from The Limited. The dainty ring (totally necessary!) is from Francesca’s. The orange necklace is a Lia Sophia necklace that I got ages ago, but any bright necklace works great with grays and blacks!


“All I want for Christmas is you.” The words to the infamous song by Mariah Carey perfectly depict my feelings towards this J Crew coat. This was my Christmas present from my mom and I couldn’t love it more! It is so girly, feminine, warm, and most importantly, HIGH QUALITY. It is silk lined and couldn’t be more fabulous. The gray is a soft, chic tone that looks good even with my pasty-white-it’s-winter-in-wisconsin skin. I have received more compliments on this jacket in the last two weeks than any single item in my wardrobe combined! I KNOW you’re going to LOVE IT! Pair it with this chic handbag from New York and Company and your favorite boots for an effortless look!

IMG_7931 IMG_7932 IMG_7922IMG_7930IMG_7924IMG_7925IMG_7927IMG_7928IMG_7926IMG_7923IMG_7916IMG_7921

 All photos are taken by my dreamy man! He was such a good sport out in the cold and snow! This incredible jacket is from J Crew. Boots are Ralph Lauren’s. Purse is from New York and Company. Jeans are from The Loft.

Sweet Lace and a Lil’ Bling to Ring in the New Year.

This was our first New Year’s Eve as a married couple and I must say, we definitely lived up to the married couple cliche as we brought on the new year! Our evening was filled with family, pizza, a cozy fireplace, and of course several Red Box rentals! To be honest, there is nothing I would rather do on New Year’s Eve than sit in my own living room and cuddle up to comfort food and movies (and of course my sweetie!). Some call it lame, I call it content.

But no matter what you consider a great way to ring in the new year, we all like to look a little pretty, so here’s what I would wear! This adorable lace top is soooo sweet and romantic. It breaks the navy and black fashion rules, but it feels SO RIGHT! And because it’s New Year’s Eve, you have to add in some bling- why not this AMAZING necklace from the Loft! I paired it with simple dark wash jeans and my favorite pair of black patent leather pumps! Goes great with my favorite glass of red wine and it’s perfect for whatever your plans are!
















The dark wash jeans with the zipper pockets are from The Loft, as is this romantic lace tank, and the romantic necklace! The black patent leather pumps are from Ann Taylor. This wine can be purchased at most Pick n’ Save stores.

‘Tis the Season of Scarves!

There’s nothing like a good scarf this time of year! 🙂 It was a blustery gray day and I was feeling blue, so I went to Marshalls and this cozy little guy found its’ way into my shopping bag! Here I am just wearing it with jeans and a black t-shirt around the yard, but I have been wearing it with everything from north face zip-ups to my pretty peacoats! Gotta love cozy versatility!





This cozy scarf is from Marshalls. Boots are Calvin Klein’s (got mine at Boston store, but Macy’s and Younker’s has them too!). Jeans are from Abercrombie and Fitch (these are jeans not jeggings, but are suppper soft!). Black top is from The Loft. Gold ring is from The Limited and watch is from Francesca’s. And as always, my loving hub took these pictures in the cold!

Cozy-est Sweater EVER.

The title says it perfectly- this sweater is THE.COZY-EST. SWEATER.EVER.MADE. And here are some of my favorite booties again! I can’t get enough of these- they go with EVERYTHING! This sweater is so cute and makes you irresistibly cuddly- just ask my hubby! 😉 It is definitely over-sized and the soft grey color is the best! Perfect for this nasty, cold Wi weather…

IMG_6732IMG_6740IMG_6735IMG_6733IMG_6736IMG_6734IMG_6737IMG_6738IMG_6739IMG_6743IMG_6748IMG_6741 IMG_6750 IMG_6764 IMG_6757 IMG_6751

COZY sweater is from The Loft. Black pants from New York and Company. Watch from The Buckle. Booties are Sam Edelman’s (and they are real suede!). Infinity ring is from The Limited. All of these photos are taken by my loving husband in Ashippun, Wi  (where all of our neighbors think we are crazy for taking photos all over the neighborhood)… 🙂 Happy Tuesday!