Sunday Morning Coffee Health Kick.

Ryley and I have been making this secret Sunday morning concoction for the past 2 years. It started out as something we would just make on weekends; a quick way to kickstart our way into a healthy eating day. Now, we make it every morning and it is a staple to our success in living and feeling well. Not only does it keep us lean and energized, but it helps keep our digestion regular, which means we have a significantly reduced risk of ever acquiring many of the world’s most deadly cancers. It also boosts our metabolism and prevents cavities! And the best part- it tastes better than any latte or frappuccino from Starbucks! The details are below!IMG_8302


10 oz brewed coffee (I use decaf, he uses regular- you pick!)

1/2 of a dropper of iodine (start out with less than this and work up to half of a dropper over several weeks)

1 teaspoon grass-fed butter

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

cinnamon to taste


Health Benefits.

The coconut oil and grass-fed butter both have energy boosting properties naturally (up to 8 hours of sustained energy!).  The coconut oil additionally will help coat the digestive track, allowing digestion of food throughout the day to happen more comfortably and smoothly within the body, ultimately aiding in digestion. Coconut oil is a miracle ingredient for feeling good! And it adds some yummy flavor to your coffee. Iodine is not something most people keep in their cupboards, but it is actually scientifically proven to be an effective cancer preventative. Most diseases, like cancer and cardiomyopathy, originate from within the digestive track. Iodine helps clear the digestive track and to rid the body of toxins that typically cause disease. The grass-fed butter is known to harden teeth and can actually reverse a cavity. I usually take cod liver oil with my coffee drink because the grass-fed butter is more effective when it bonds with the oils in the cod liver oil. This butter is incredibly rich, so a little goes a long way. It gives the drink a nice silky texture and a creamy smooth flavor. Lastly, the cinnamon will boost metabolism to keep you lean and feeling good. It also provides some flavor.


Brew your coffee and poor it into your blender.IMG_8278

Add the coconut oil, butter, iodine, and cinnamon. Blend for a few seconds until it is a creamy tan color (almost like a latte).


Poor into your mug and enjoy!!


Note: Having a little caffeine in the morning is a tactic many americans use to wake up in the morning and to feel alert. My husband drinks it religiously every morning. Due to having increased anxiety after consuming caffeine, I have decided to cut caffeine completely out of my diet. I make this drink with decaf coffee, but it still helps to wake me up with natural energy boosters! This drink can be made either with decaf or regular coffee.

My FAV Healthy Oatmeal.

Well, the new year has begun! Wahooo for 2015! Many people set a new year’s resolution that entails something along the lines of getting fit, losing weight, eating clean, etc., etc. With that being said, I thought this was the PERFECT time to share the PERFECT,  HEALTHY, and YUMMY-est oatmeal ever! I have been eating this all winter break and I am still not sick of it. Not only will this help you shed those pounds and eat clean, but it is so warm that it will curb the cravings you have for comfort food during these bitterly cold winter months. You MUST try this out. It has only 5 ingredients so it is easy-peasy!

Ingredients: (to make 1 serving)

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup of old fashioned raw oats

1 teaspoon brown sugar

1/2 banana

4-5 raw shelled walnuts


Cut the banana into small quarter sized slices. Boil the water on the stovetop. Add the oats, stirring immediately. Turn down the heat to low right away. Allow it to simmer with the lid on until the water is soaked up, stirring occasionally.  Add 1/2 of the banana and a few walnuts to the oats. Sprinkle on the brown sugar and stir it up! Vwa-la- Yummo!

IMG_7892IMG_7894IMG_7896 IMG_7887IMG_7897 IMG_7901 IMG_7902 IMG_7904Even the puppy wants a bite! 🙂 Enjoy and be well!

All photos are taken in my kitchen- all but the last are taken by me. The last one is taken by my sweetums!